Chris King has retired and King Marine Ltd has closed for further business.

Chris has thoroughly enjoyed his 45 years within the commercial marine business. He will miss the banter and many friends he has gained over the years. He hopes that others that have met him, been trained by him, worked for him and crewd for him will all get as much fun, wonderful memories and genuine stisfaction out of their careers. 

He wishes you all long, happy and healthy lives and thanks you all for all the great times!!

~ Serving the Marine Industry since 1989 ~

About Our Basic Tug Deckhand Courses

For dates and availability of upcoming courses and to book onto a basic tug deckhand course, please refer to the contact page.

Tug Deckhand Practical Courses

Tug crew numbers have dropped from 5 to just 2 or 3 and operate barges nowadays without separate barge crew.

Tug skippers rarely have enough time to train crew as well as run the boat, maintain the engines and conduct complex manoeuvres.

Crew require formal practical training in order to reduce accidents to equipment and personnel and help them towards becoming an asset that can be relied upon.

The aim of this course is to provide deckhands with the skills and knowledge to handle lines, set up tows, manoeuvre a workboat and take responsibility for their own and others' safety. 

The two-day course involves some classroom work supported by pictures and videos to assist understanding, discussion and plenty of practical application on the water. With course numbers limited to a maximum of 4, all deckhands will get sufficient practice time with opportunity to experiment and build confidence.

Tug Deckhand Ropework

“I came away with more knowledge and a better, safer understanding of the overall “deck” area. The instructor was very good and the information he passed over to us was clear and simple to understand.”

Feedback from a Holyhead Towing course candidate

 A major strength of the course was: "Ability to go through all practical towage situations both on deck and on the wheel" Feedback from a Jersey Ports course candidate.

"I believe another well delivered and certainly well received course". Feedback from PLA managment.

Towing and Line Setup for Manoeuvrability

Learning the art of tying ropes to the right length so they don't slacken under load makes for far greater control during confined manoeuvres. Safe handling of lines under load and in close proximity to other vessels is an essential aspect of a deckhand's role.

With only two people crewing a tug, if one goes overboard it is vital that the remaining person knows how to control the vessel and equipment well enough to recover their casualty. It may easily be the skipper that is in the water.

Tug Deckhand Boat Handling Skills
Accident Prevention Through Safe Marine Practices
Correct Use of A Gog Rope for Towing

Every year accidents occur due to incorrect towing procedures and lack of understanding.

Appropriate training and demonstrations that prove the incredible worth of simple technology and correct setup should be available to everyone joining the tugging industry.


"A vast wealth of Practical Experience to call upon from Chris, which gives good tips for safer working in the real world"

Feedback from Port of London boatmaster.


The course went very well. There was a lot of practical work which in my opinion, is the best way to learn about the sea.”

Feedback extract from a Holyhead Towing course candidate