Chris King has retired and King Marine Ltd has closed for further business.

Chris has thoroughly enjoyed his 45 years within the commercial marine business. He will miss the banter and many friends he has gained over the years. He hopes that others that have met him, been trained by him, worked for him and crewd for him will all get as much fun, wonderful memories and genuine stisfaction out of their careers. 

He wishes you all long, happy and healthy lives and thanks you all for all the great times!!

~ Serving the Marine Industry since 1989 ~

Commerical RIB and Workboat Charter

We supply coded RIBs for all commercial marine operations. We have boats available for hire across the UK and will match a boat to your specifications and needs. Boats can also be built to order for specific purposes. Please contact us to discuss your project and requirements in detail. All our vessels are fully in class according to their areas of operation.

Our boats can be used for:

  • Windfarm Service
  • Safety Boats
  • Fast Response
  • Security Patrol
  • Passenger transport
  • Towing
  • Pilotage
  • Construction Site Workboats
  • Diving Support
King Marine RIB and Workboat Hire
Commercial Coding
Commercial vessels in the UK have to conform to certain regulations concerning vessel construction, machinery, equipment, stability and operation. All our vessels are only put on charter when in appropriate Class for their individual uses. The Class Coding generally used is from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), however most alternative authorities' Class equivalent can generally be sought if required.

For more information about commercial codes of practice, please use the following links to specific documents and sections of the MCA website:

  • The Rescue Boat Code - Code of practice document for Open Rescue Boats of less than 15 metres in length.
We are now in a position to offer a SOLAS approved Fast Rescue Workboat (FRWB). These are built to order and available for long term charter or purchase.

King Marine Workboat Charter
King Marine RIB Hire
King Marine RIB Hire

Skipper and Crew

  • RIBs are available for bareboat or crewed charter.
  • Our skippers are all trained and certified to Maritime and Coastguard Agency (M.C.A.) standards.
  • Each crew member is supplied with personal safety equipment and clothing.
  • The crew are supplied with uniform clothing ensuring a smart, professional appearance whilst on duty.


Annual Renewable Charters
For Sailing Schools, Patrol Vessels etc. we supply boats on an annual renewable contract including courtesy vessels during the maintenance periods. Maintenance is covered by us. This allows for accurate predicted cash flows for your company and relieves you from having to arrange servicing schedules and upkeep of the MCA Coding. We can arrange for company logos and advertising on boats on long-term charter. Each contract is priced individually taking into account factors such as:

  • Projected hours in use.
  • Estimated duration.
  • Location.
  • Specific boat / crewing requirements for the project. 

Vessels are all Coded and fully equipped. Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. If you are interested in annual renewable charter for long term / permenant projects please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Bareboat Charter


Our vessels are available for charter on a "bareboat" basis to companies that prefer to supply their own suitably qualified crew. The contract agreement used is "BIMCO Supplytime 89 Uniform Time Charter" or similar.

King Marine Coded RIB Charter
King Marine Coded RIB Charter
King Marine Coded RIB Charter