Chris King has retired and King Marine Ltd has closed for further business.

Chris has thoroughly enjoyed his 45 years within the commercial marine business. He will miss the banter and many friends he has gained over the years. He hopes that others that have met him, been trained by him, worked for him and crewd for him will all get as much fun, wonderful memories and genuine stisfaction out of their careers. 

He wishes you all long, happy and healthy lives and thanks you all for all the great times!!

~ Serving the Marine Industry since 1989 ~


“Overall enjoyed and gained a lot of experience due to the amount of practical work.”

Feedback from a Williams Shipping course candidate.


"Really enjoyed the clear instruction during the practical sessions. Made me at ease. The former Power 

Point was excelent"

Feedback from Carmet Tug Co.  candidate.


"....after 22 years on commercial boats, I was pleasantly suprised to learn so much...."

Feedback from Shetland Goverment, Sullom Voe candidate.


"Good Practical experience towing with own craft. Extensive tutor knowledge."

                                                                                                       Feedback from Port of London Authority Boatman.


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